Goojara ch now Watch & Download Movies & Series For Free

Are you looking for a way to unwind? Watching some cool movies and series is a great idea.

Goojara ch (now is a nice place to get the movies and series you want.

In this article, we’ll be featuring, its features, and how to watch & download movies, series & animes. now is an awesome place to watch Videos & listen to Audios online.

It offers a perfect platform to upload, share, view, and download movies.

One of the best features of is that you can enjoy all the videos they upload for free.

This means you don’t need to make subscription plans on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

Have you ever felt you liked a video and it’s too good to be only streamed once and you’re afraid that it might get deleted or removed at one point in time or your data is limited?

You shouldn’t worry as Goojara offers you the chance to watch it again and again by downloading it.

So, you can now watch that particular video Offline whenever & anywhere you want.

Now that you know everything you stand to gain from, all you need to do is to continue reading to get everything you need to know about Goojara.


Goojara ch (now is a free web platform that offers you the quality movies, series, and anime to stream and download.

Unlike, some other streaming platforms, doesn’t charge anything for streaming their content. They even permit users to download content from their site without any charge.

Most times, when you want to stream a movie using streaming platforms, you have to subscribe to one of their plans for a month/year. Then, you’ll be able to watch any content you want.

Goojara is very suitable for movies seeker because this platform uploads new content every day. With that, you will find new content every day.

And one of the best benefits of this platform is that it’s accessible to everyone free of cost.

You might be wondering how Goojara can provide new content every day.

The platform most likely has a small community of admins that subscribe to popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

So, immediately any of those platforms release new content, they download and upload those contents to their website for their viewers

Overall, is a great content streaming platform that is suitable for everyone. So, whether you want to watch or download a movie, you can simply visit

Features & Benefits of Goojara ch

After getting a full overview of it, you still need to know all the amazing features Goojara has and the benefits of using it.

Though, some of these features and benefits have been briefly discussed earlier.

In this section of the article, we’ll be giving a detailed summary of each feature and benefit you to help you understand

1. It’s Free

The site is free to use for both streamings online and downloading video contents such as movies, series, and anime.

As it has already been stated before, there are a lot of streaming websites that charge you certain fees before you can either stream or download their contents.

While others offer free plans for content streaming but they restrict your access to a particular number or category of contents and request some fees before you can have full access to other content and features (such as downloading).

But fortunately for you, Goojara will offer you unlimited access to exciting movies that you can either stream or download.

2. The Search Bar

Some entertainment sites out there don’t use the search bar for some vague reasons. This causes problems for users as they might not be able to find the content they are looking for right away.

They will have to go through the website’s categories. The search bar assists users in finding any content they are looking for in a short time.

Users just need to input the keyword into the search bar and hit the enter button to see the relevant result for the searched keyword. Fortunately for you, has this feature.


3. You can Request for any Special Content

Didn’t find what you were searching for on Users can request Goojara ch to supply any content that isn’t currently on its site.

Goojara offers its users a request section to which they can post their requests for the content they want but aren’t on the site.

Unlike most other video streaming websites, Goojara is ready to help its users with their requested videos.

So, you shouldn’t get frustrated when you don’t find the content you want. Just fill in your request at the appropriate Goojara section.

4. Contents are categorized perfectly

Movies and series contain episodes and parts that need to be well categorized for users. It also helps users find the other part or episode once you’re through with the first one. has taken care of it and users can easily access every episode and movie part.

When users are through watching a movie part or series episode, they can easily start the other part with just a single click. The categories include recent, popular, genre, year, A-Z, and Language.


5. PIP Mode

When you’re streaming content on Goojara ch, you can use PIP mode to perform other tasks along with watching the movie. It is very similar to WhatsApp PIP mode.

PIP mode simply puts the video player screen somewhere on the device screen and runs in the background which also allows users to multi-task.

With this, you will be able to pause, stop, resume, and restore the movie to its default mode.


How to Watch Movies, Series & Animes for Free on

It’s very easy to watch movies and other content from The website design is very user friendly and can be easily navigated. is also responsive which means it will automatically adjust everything depending on the screen of the device.

Here’s the detailed guide on how to watch content on this platform.

  • First, visit the the official website using any browser.
  • Find a movie or any content you want to watch. You can use the search section or Recently Added section to explore content on the site. In the screenshot below I chose the “Kissing booth 2” movie in the recently added section.
  • Tap or click on the movie picture or title to get the option to stream it on your device.
  • Once the video player and the movie get loaded, you will a blue video play icon in the middle of the video player.

Note: The default video player chosen might not load the content fast. So, you have to click/tap on one of the direct links underneath the default video player.


  • Just tap on the Blue Video Play icon to start streaming the movie. At first, it will take some time to load and start the movie. It depends on your data speed, just be patient!
  • Once the movie starts playing, you can also turn on PIP mode to do other works along with watching it. To turn on PIP mode, just click on the three vertical dots from the right bottom of the video player and select Picture-in-picture.

Note: The PIP depends on the “Direct Link” chosen, as those direct links direct you to other websites that might not have the PIP feature.

That’s how you can watch series, movies, Anime online on

How to Download Movies, Series & Animes for Free on

There are two methods to download movies, series, and other content on Goojara ch. The first method is dependent on the “Direct Link” you follow, as some video players of some direct links don’t have the download icon. However, the second method is doesn’t depend on the “Direct Link” you follow, it works for all.

Method 1

  • Go to and select the movie, series episode, or Anime you want to download.
  • Just tap or click on it to be to see the content full information.
  • To get the download option, you will first need to play the movie. Just hit the blue play button to start playing the movie.
  • Now, tap or click the pause button and you will be able to see a blue download button on the top left side of the video player screen.
  • Just tap on the blue download button and the movie will instantly start downloading on your browser.
  • The download will instantly start happening once you tap on the download button. Just make sure you don’t pause the movie in the middle. If you do that, the movie downloading may not resume and you will need to again download it from scratch. So, be aware of that.


1. For mobile users using Chrome and browsers similar to it, the download button will not appear once you start playing, so you should click on the three dots from the right bottom to get the download option. Then you’ll tap on “Download”.

2. For mobile users using UC Browser, a download icon will show up on the video play once the video starts playing.

Here’s a Youtube video for mobile users (UC Browser) on How to Download Movies, Series and Anime

Method 2

  • First, you need to search for the content you want to download from Goojara ch.
  • After you have found the content you searching for, just Copy/Cut the URL from the URL box/address box (if you’re using a laptop or computer, just use the key combination “CTRL+L”, then the URL will be highlighted and you can now copy/cut the URL by pressing CTRL+C or CTRL+X)
  • Then, after obtaining the video’s URL, the second step is to just visit 9xbuddy
  • At the homepage of 9xbuddy, you’ll see a big rectangular box just below the 9xbuddy logo with captions as “Search or enter any URL to download”.
  • Then, paste the URL for the media file in that box.
  • After that, just tap on the “Download” button, or if you are on PC/Laptop just press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Then, after pasting & clicking on the download button, the website will take a few seconds to extract the download links of the media file from the URL you inputted.
  • After the extraction process is completed and extracted links have been generated, you are ready to go.
  • You will now see different media file Formats and Quality sizes, you just have to select the one you need.

Note: You can also view the file size by clicking/tapping on the button ‘Show Size’.

  • After you click/tap on your desired video quality and format, click/tap on the Download button.

After you’ve followed these steps, your media file will start downloading automatically and you can now watch it as many times as you want.



With this article on Goojara ch (now, you now have access to numerous movies, series, and animes without paying a dime.

All the content on the website can both be streamed and downloaded. You can download any content you want by following the steps in the article above.

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