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Before we talk about Entertainment Services, let’s talk about Entertainment. So many people have defined entertainment in various ways but I see entertainment as a kind of activity that makes people happy or amuse them in a passive way. Entertainment is a form of activity that captivates the attention and interest of people, gives pleasure and delight to the people too.

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Entertainment can either be an idea or a task that has developed in the past years with the aim of keeping the audience’s attention. Entertainment involves shows, films, television, music, all these activities entertain people. There are different types of entertainment for particular tastes. They are theatre, cinema, sports, games, social dance, concerts, animations, comedy shows, impressionists, clowns, just to name a few.

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These different types of entertainment can be divided into groups in line with the age and interest of people being entertained.  For example, child, adult, live-action, public and corporate entertainment.  

List of 5 Types of Entertainments


1. Child Entertainment

child entertainment

Every child likes to be entertained and that’s why the entertainment agency needs to know the right form of entertainment for kids.

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Kids are often attracted to clowns, puppets, cartoons, and pantomimes these are the best form of entertainment for them.  

2. Adult Entertainment

adult entertainment

At times people always think that adult entertainment often relates to the sex industry. However, this isn’t true because adults are not only limited to that but they also involve themselves in things like sports, concerts, opera, tours,  and a handful of other things which a kid will not find entertaining or appealing.  

3. Live Entertainment

live entertainment

This type of entertainment involves all ages both kids and adults can go to live concerts, live TV shows, live sports, theaters, and other activity that is aimed at amusing people.  

4. Public Entertainment

public entertainment

Nowadays, when you walk in the streets/cities of Europe, you will notice different types of public entertainers entertaining the public people for any amount of money.

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This type of entertainment is common in major cities and it can be musicians, dancers, mimes, and magicians.  

5. Corporate Entertainment

corporate entertainment

This type of entertainment is aimed at corporate events, award ceremonies, private parties, product launches, etc. It usually involves a large number of people and it’s well organized by professionals in the entertainment agencies.     However, there are also forms of entertainment and they are:

20 Forms of Entertainment

1. Music


Music is universal entertainment. It motivates and inspires people. In the past years, music was mainly used to support other forms of entertainment and was a vital part of dancing but now music is widely known and it is separated as a form of entertainment. Music became more popular when technology allowed people to listen to it. Previously, music was only meant for musicians. But now through broadcast and records, anybody can listen to their favorite song/songs any time anywhere. Music is one of the key features in the entertainment industry.

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People are so addicted to music that they can’t do without it. Music rejuvenates and soothes one’s mind. More so, music acts as a stress buster for individuals whose lives have become boring because of their hectic schedules.    

2. Banquets


Banquets were commonly used by the nobles in ancient times as a form of entertainment. The main purpose of these banquets is to show the riches and influence of the nobles. However, that idea has changed to a more hospitable reason in this generation. Nowadays, banquets are held to support other forms of art like music and dance. These banquets are now replaced with particular celebrations like weddings, birthdays, religious obligations, and political achievements.  

3. Reading



Reading became a very reliable form of entertainment when other forms of entertainment became expensive for the common folks. People read for different purposes some read to get information, some to pass time, to record local folklore or to be distracted. When authors saw that people wanted to read to be entertained, they created various types of books purely for entertainment.    

4. Games


Long ago, games were played mostly for the aim of pleasure. When there was any social gathering or meetings during the medieval period, the Mesoamerican ballgames which involve ritual killings were held to entertain the people. Also, childish board games which involve the use of balls, boards, dices were very common games in the medieval period.

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However, in this recent time, online/video gaming has become a way for players of different ages and social ranks to be entertained. Online games /video games are now played in different tournaments with players from all over the world. A game allows you to experience and control a story, unlike books where you hear a story and movies where you see a story. In a game, you get to do whatsoever you want to do with limited limitations.  

5. Dance


This type of entertainment combines other forms like singing, storytelling, and theatre. Dance can be interpreted in various ways. Dance has various forms like hip hop, contemporary, ballet, salsa, etc.  

6. Comedy


An entertainment intended to make people laugh. This type of entertainment is becoming famous by the day. More comedy shows are been hosted daily and are a good form of entertainment.  

7. Movies


Movies are the best way to experience a story. Movies can make you laugh, cry, and smile. When watching a movie, you see the lives of others. One of the best forms of entertainment. You can either watch movies in your homes or cinemas.

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8. Sports


Sports have always been a good form of entertainment in the past years and still are now. There are so many different kinds of sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket, volleyball, running, gymnastics, boxing, golf,  swimming, just to name a few. People are so involved in these sports that whenever a competition comes up they don’t hesitate to watch.    

9. Internet


So many kinds of stuff are done through the internet. It is a great place to watch any form/type of entertainment thus entertaining yourself.    

10. Social Media

social media

Literally, everyone on earth has social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, we chat, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more. With these accounts, you can chat with friends, and even people you don’t even know.  

11. Light show

light show

This is entertainment where different colored light makes patterns in the sky or stage. It is so fun to watch. The different colors of light in different patterns can wow anyone starring at it.  

12. Karaoke


A form of entertainment where people sing popular songs while recorded music is played. Watching people sing to recorded songs is so entertaining.      

13. Strip show

strip show

A strip show is a type of entertainment where performers take off their clothes while dancing to music. This type of Entertainment Services is offered by Strippers and it is an entertainment that is often rendered in Strip Clubs,  and Pub bars though some Strippers can entertain high profiled personalities at their Homes.

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14. Air show

air show

An air show is a form of entertainment or event where people watch planes fly and perform spectacular movements in the sky. The view of these planes flying in the sky is awesome.    

15. Bullfight


This type of entertainment is more known in Spain and Mexico than in any other country in the world. A bullfight is traditional entertainment in which a person called a matador fights a bull and tries to kill it.    

16. Carnival


Carnivals are a huge form of entertainment because it is mostly held in public places. It is a public festival where people play music, sing, and dance in the streets.    

17. Exhibition


This is a public event where pictures, sculptures, and other objects of interest are displayed. This form of entertainment is mostly done in a museum or art gallery.    

18. Fashion Show

fashion show

A fashion show is a show where models display clothes, jewelry, bags, etc to potential buyers. People are entertained when they see models on the runway with varieties of clothes or any fashion products.      

19. Ice Show

ice show

This is a show performed by ice- skaters on the ice. So many people love to watch this show because it is always fun to watch ice skaters.      

20. Magic


This is the practice of illusory tricks to entertain people. Magicians nowadays make lots of money from these shows. People are always eager to know what tricks they will be pulling off thereby a good form of entertainment.      

What are the sources of Entertainment?



Television is a technology that was inverted about fifty years ago and has created new genres of entertainment like telenovelas and the host of many others. During the 21st century, Latin Americans spend at least three to four hours each day watching television for entertainment and information. So many people are addicted to this technology; some people cannot go a day without putting on their TV.

At times you don’t feel like going to the cinema to watch a movie, or a stadium to watch a football match you just relax at home put on your television and be entertained at home. It is not globally accepted that the effects of television are all beneficial.

Television has destroyed so many families, for instance, I know of a family where the parents pay more attention to their television than their kids. More than sixty years ago people will sit outside their homes and talk to their neighbors but now they hide in their homes, sit on their sofas, and don’t even know who stays next door all because of television.  


Radio can also be seen as a good source of entertainment. Apart from television people also turn on their radio for news, information, music, shows, etc. This is one of the oldest sources of entertainment. The radio has been there to entertain people even before the invention of television.  


Another source of entertainment is magazines. Magazines are classified in to different categories like sports magazines, fashion magazines, and more. With magazines, people also get information on sports, the latest news in society, and know what’s on-trend.  

Online Entertainment

The most popular and famous source of entertainment is online entertainment. We are living in the age of information with endless access to anything and everything we want through the internet. We have online entertainment through the use of the internet that means more gaming systems, streaming services, and a whole lot of other stuff you can spend more hours online. There are lots of entertainment offers available online.

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You can watch videos, comedy skits, movies, music, play games, watch your favorite sports, chat and follow your favorite celebrities.  

5 Types of Online Entertainment


1. Social networks

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc are one of the most preferred ways of today’s generation to be entertained.  

2. Mobile games

Most young people now don’t really play games on their TV anymore because there are tons of games for them to play online with their mobile phones.  

3. Music streaming

Music streaming has grown rapidly in the last few years. Most people today get their music online it is fast and the best way ever.  

4. Live video streaming

So many social platforms now such as Facebook, youtube, Instagram, twitch, offers live video streaming to their users.  

5. Reading blogs

Blogs shares stories, write about individuals and organizations. Blogs allow you to interact with authors, and other people via comments. There are different types of blogs ranging from tech-related to politics-focused. You can actually learn new things and increase your knowledge from blogs.  

6 importance of entertainment in our lives

Entertainment is very necessary for our lives. Entertainment helps us to relax after our daily life work routine. Humans know what is good and bad for them and at times after stressful work, what some of us need is a little entertainment.

Without entertainment, our lives will be a little difficult and Boring. It is important for every human to get a special type of entertainment once in a while. Entertainment comes in many forms and everybody has the right to choose which one is better for them. If you love to play sports or watch movies you need to do that all the time.  

1. Entertainment reliefs us of our worries

Individuals easily get bored with their day-by-day schedule and occupied agenda. That is when entertainment comes in for them to find pleasure and happiness.

Comedy plays a vital role here since it is the most effective strategy to entertain people and release them of their worries. Comedians tell jokes which help men and women prime giggle and minimize their tension.

Some people find leisure in cinema, drama, tunes, dance, arts, and many more. Anyone can choose any source of entertainment depending on what they like.

Also, when you go through the internet, you will see many web portals that provide leisure such as jokes, amusing pictures, music downloads, desktops, wallpapers, display savers, riddles, puzzles, etc. It is important for us to have any form of entertainment in our tedious life. Getting entertainment in our everyday life helps us get rid of our strain.  

2. Entertainment keeps our Bodies in shape.

Entertainment like dance provides enjoyment as well as it is a workout that keeps your body in shape. Take dance lessons, be entertained, and stay in good health. Sports like football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, table tennis, and many others make people happy and let them stay in shape.  

3. Entertainment shares Information

So many entertainment companies globally provide services in various ways. Some magazines share information about artists thus passing useful information about them to the public.  

4. Entertainment clears the Mind

After a long week or long hours of work in the office, all you want to do is to sit back and relax and enjoy yourself.  Getting yourself entertained is the best way to do it. Entertainment soothes the mind and the body.  

5. Entertainment generates money

Entertainment is also seen as a business. The industry provides lots of opportunities for business-minded people. So many people sell entertainment materials like magazines, CDS, and they make a good profit from it. Also, artists and other entertainers see it as their business because it is their source of living and it generates money for them.  

6. Entertainment Unites & Create Bonds

Another good way to Unite People and create some sought of Bond is through Entertainment and this can be said to be true and practical in examples like Football, Family Outing, etc Football, for instance, is one of the biggest forms of Entertainment that has United Millions and also create Friendship and Bond      

20 Types of Entertainers

There are different types of entertainers we have in the world today. All of them perform separate tasks on different occasions to entertain their Audiences. Below are a few of them;  

1. Actor/actress

An actor is someone particularly a man who portrays the character of another person in a play. Actors perform in theatres or films, radio, and television. While an actress is a lady who also portrays the character of another person in a play. During the medieval world, only men could be actors.

Men/boys played the role of women/girls because women were not allowed on stage. But after the English Restoration of 1660, women began to act on stage in England. In this modern time, both men and women actors and actresses play a vital role in entertaining the people.  

2. Athletes

Athletes are footballers, basketballers, runners, boxers, volleyballers, wrestlers, etc who entertain people with their skills and professionalism in the sports industry.

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3. Acrobats

Acrobats are entertainers who perform acts that need skills, agility, and coordination like tumbling, walking with a tightrope, swinging from a trapeze, etc.  

4. Artist

An artist is a person who draws or paint pictures, creates sculptures as a job or for fun. Their works are displayed in museums, parks, hotels, homes, and even schools.  

5. Busker

This type of entertainer entertains people by singing, dancing, and playing music in streets or public places for money.  

6. Comedian

A comedian entertains people by making them laugh. They make people laugh in the following ways- jokes, satirical observations, and by acting foolish.  

7. Clown

This type of entertainer performs in a circus. A clown is someone who performs in a circus, wears funny clothes, weird make-up, and does crazy things in order to make people laugh.  

8. Contortionist

An entertainer who twists his/her body into strange and unnatural shapes and positions for entertainment purposes especially in a circus.  

9. Dancer

A dancer is either a man or a woman who earns money by dancing to entertain people.  

10. Escapologist

An entertainer who entertains audiences by being tied up and placed in a dangerous situation, then escaping from it.  

11. Flair bartending

This involves the practice of bartenders entertaining customers, audiences, or guests with the manipulation of bar tools like cocktail shakers and liquor bottles in tricky and dazzling ways.  

12. Geisha

Japanese women who entertain by performing the ancient tradition of arts, dance, and singing and are seen in traditional costumes and make-up.  

13. Illusionist

A person who practices illusionism and uses it on stage, to entertain people.  

14. Impressionist

This is an entertainer whose act consists of imitating sounds, the voice, and mannerisms of people and animals.  

15. Jester

Jesters are professional clowns employed by kings or noblemen for the sole purpose of entertainment. Jesters were more common during the medieval periods.  

16. Magician

A magician is a person who entertains his audience by doing magic tricks. People also see them as an individual with magical powers.  

17. Musician

A person, who composes music, plays musical instruments, conducts and performs music. Some musicians play in different styles depending on cultures and backgrounds.  

18. Monologist

This is a solo artist who recites dramatic readings from a monologue, soliloquy, poetry or work of literature for the sole aim of entertaining an audience.  

19. Party Princess

An individual especially a woman who entertains children at birthday parties, dressed as Disney characters. The most common party princesses costumes for them are Elsa, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty.  

20. Snake Charmer

This type of entertainer is found in Asia. A snake charmer is a person who charms snakes by playing music or by rhythmic body movements  

Advantages of Entertainment

Anyone who says entertainment is not important is ignorant of what entertainment means. People are now consuming entertainment more because of its importance and benefits. Due to Indoors entertainment, people don’t need to go out of the house and look for something fun to do.

They just enjoy themselves within the comfort of their homes, watch movies, play games, and do lots of other entertaining stuff. Some entertainment programs have been created for the purpose to educate children. Through these programs, children discover and learn new things. With the development of TV and games, people who are usually bored can now do something in their spare time.    

Disadvantages of Entertainment

Research shows that adults and children who watch too much TV become attached to it. Children will be distracted from their school work. Too much TV also affects the eye which is dangerous to your health.

Because of entertainment technology, children will not be able to concentrate on their school lessons as they will be playing games with their phones when there is a teacher in class. Some will even be thinking of a program to watch at home.

Also, those who sit at home all day watching television or playing games become very lazy and it will be difficult for them to go out and exercise. This leads to obesity and other health issues that will make you depressed or unhappy. Youngsters are now exposed to violence on television screens or computer games which might affect them positively.


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Summary: Entertainment Services

In conclusion, it is very important to note that everyone needs entertainment in their life and Entertainment Services rendered by Entertainers near you could make the Difference. Life is boring without entertainment. Entertainment makes you happy and helps you get rid of all your worries. But know that too much of everything is bad.

 Don’t be too attached to any form of entertainment just live your life and let entertainment add a touch to it to make it sweeter.  

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